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All We Have, Finally

I’M NEW TO THIS BLOGGING BUSINESS, but one thing that’s painfully familiar to me is the incessant desire to edit, edit, then edit again.

I’ve been this way as long as I remember.

Carver’s words (I’m currently writing a thesis on him) echo around my head so tauntingly.

they had better be the right ones

I’m not a perfectionist in any other area of my life. And I’m actually so hasty that I make a lot of rushed mistakes (which subsequently fuels my need to edit).

Nothing I write is ever good enough.

Nothing I write looks quite the same on the page as it did in my head.

There is always a better, cleverer, funnier, more succinct, wittier, more interesting way to tell my story.

And I cannot resist involuntarily playing these alternatives out internally.

Then, when I can’t resist any longer…

I go back and adjust.
I revisit and tamper.
I drive myself mad.

And eventually, I let it go.

Am I the only one with this habit…[quirk] [tendency] [obsession] ?

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