Toast with the Crusts Cut Off

OUR BIGGEST TIDDLER, HOLLY, is under the weather today.

She doesn’t want to get out of bed, so I’ve made a bed on the sofa, and we’re cuddled under a blanket, catching up on some Sarah And Duck on television.

Whilst snuggling here, I suddenly recalled a distant memory of being ill as a child, and my mama bringing jam on toast, with the crusts cut off.

I wondered if this little treat might nurse Holly back to health, a couple of decades after it worked for me.

Not sure if it is the carbs from the bread or the sugar from the jam, but she’s certainly looking a little brighter.

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Reasons to Bother

IT’S BEEN A LOVELY, long, indulgent Easter weekend for us.

One of those weekends that reminds us why being a family and raising tiddlers is worth the often overwhelming amount of effort it takes…

In preparation for the weekend, the children and I baked Creme Egg brownies.

It will undoubtedly mean that I go back to normal life next week a few pounds heavier (they were irresistible and didn’t make it past Saturday), but I don’t regret a single bite.

We spent Friday getting together with the whole family to share a roast, play games and generally have a giggle. Plus, my mum cooked and cleaned up after, so what’s not to like?!

Saturday saw a day trip to a nearby market town, Northallerton. Delicious Yorkshire tapas lunch at a deli, a stroll through the fruit and veg market and a blissful car journey home, during which BOTH children napped simultaneously, giving me and the mr some time to chat.

Easter Sunday brought sunshine (still no warmth, but it is Britain after all) and treats. Holly and Noah loved discovering the muddy paw prints left behind by a mucky Easter bunny, and enjoyed devouring the cup of sweets and raisins even more!


Im ever so thankful for weekends like this 🙂

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